Thoughts and Trivialities: Blogging

New plan: no plan.  I’ll post when I have make time.

It’s been over a year since I started this silly thing.

Originally, I had I intended to force myself to write.  Everyday there was going to be a new post.  I had intended to get my brain working.  Everyday there I would analyze what I did and not like about a movie.  Seems simple enough.  By the end of a year I’d have 365 posts and that’s nothing to scoff at.

It’s been almost a year since I last posted.

Over the past year I’ve coached sports (and I don’t like sports); worked as a cashier (and I love numismatics); worked as a non-maintenance un-security guard (my current job sucks); started working a second job; battled the ever-menacing tidal wave that is depression; made friends; challenged enemies; took up scavenging; got a new car; took an extreme chance; packed my things in order to move out of state… and then didn’t; and finally failed with my original goal for this blog.

Moral of the story: make goals you can actually keep and not ones you think you can.

Writing these little reviews ended up taking considerably more work than I expected.  Movies are usually about two hours long (unless it’s a Leone or Tarantino flick), writing reviews are an easy half hour, and collecting images to post can take up to another half hour.  So three hours per post is a fair assessment and that number increases depending on the length of a film.  TV series take me all month.  It’s simply something I cannot do on a daily basis while working 35 hours a week, scavenging to earn extra income, and still trying to keep this dilapidated roof over my head.

So new plan: One post a week–screw all that daily posting.  Additionally I’m gunning for extra posts on holidays (at least a week around Halloween and Christmas) and whenever else I have enough free time

Keep your fingers crossed that I can keep up.