I’m a collector.  While other people download and purge data, I collect the physical and alphabetize it on a shelf.  I look for deals and dig through crap in bargain bins hoping to find gems.  Sometimes I’m successful.  But only sometimes.  There’s a lot out there and good or bad I still find enjoyment in the exploration.

The problem is that I feel I could be doing more…

I started this blog as a promise to myself.  Call it an early (or late) New Year’s resolution, but the habit needs to be made.  I need to write… and I need to write every single day.  I drink down media as though I’m a cine-holic unconcerned with intervention.  So why not?  It’s a well established internet cliche for a blogger to review movies, but why not flex my own critical thinking wrinkles for once?  Let the experiment begin!


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